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Preferenza Program


Participation Agreement and Terms and Conditions


Effective 8th November 2018, the Preferenza Program (“PP”), which came into effect February 2014 was transitioned to a new tiered recognition and rewards program. These Terms & Conditions apply to the new program. Please visit to see the benefits available in the PP.  David’s reserves the right to change or modify the benefits from time to time and without notice. 


The PP is owned and operated by David’s Footwear Ltd.. (“David’s or DFL”) for customers of David’s stores and online customers of The PP allows members to earn Points through the purchase of products from David’s and and redeem earned Credits from their Points instore or online. The PP does not provide for Points on purchases from any authorized outlet by David’s.


A member’s tier is determined based on their purchases of products in each year (Feb 1st to Jan 31th).  A member will earn Points at the tier rate determined by their purchases in the previous year until they cross over into the next tier in the current year. Once the next tier is achieved through qualifying transaction(s), the member earns at the new tier rate for both the initial qualifying transaction, and  and future transactions for the year..


All customers previously enrolled as PP members as of 1st September 2018 have been automatically transferred to the new program as members; tier levels are based upon purchase history for the previous 12 months (Feb. 1st  2018 through January 31st 2018 ), plus any purchases made to 1st September 2018. The PP is based on a 12 month period, February 1 through January 31, and each member’s tier status is reset on February 1st to the tier that applies based upon their spending in the previous 12 months; any change in tier status will be communicated on or near February 1st each year.


To redeem any Credit calculated on the Points earned through the PP, members must activate their membership in the new PP at, validate their email address and accept the Terms & Conditions of the program. Members will either have a physical or digital card with their name and membership number, and must present either the physical card or their digital card instore or be logged in during checkout online, in order to ensure that the Points they have earned on their purchase are credited to their member account.


Points earned after 1st September 2018 will be credited to a member’s account within 24 hours. All Points will be converted to Credits on a one-point-to-one-cent basis; once $50 has been reached, Credits will be posted in $10 increments, with any remaining Points to be carried forward as a Points balance.  Preferenza members will be able to apply their Credit against in-store and online purchase, including gift cards as a reduction to their total bill of sale. Members must present their physical or digital Loyalty card in order to redeem their Preferenza Credits towards a purchase.


Points earned are determined by a member’s tier level and by whether the product purchased is at regular price or a sale or marked down price, as set out in the table below. These rates are subject to change at the discretion of David’s.



POINT EARNED for every $1.00 Spent




Regular-Priced Merchandise

Sale-Priced Merchandise


$0 - $499.99




$500.00 - $1,999.99




$2,000 and above




Each Point earns one (1) cent Credit

Redemption of Points for purchase starts at $50


Example: A RoseGold tier client has total purchases to date of $1,500, all regular price merchandise; the client will have a Points balance of 6000 and can therefore redeem for a $50 minimum or $60 Credit.


Example: A Platinum tier client has $1,500 in regular price merchandise and $1,000 of sale merchandise; she will have 7500 Points from the regular price merchandise and 1000 Points from the sale merchandise for a total of 8500 Points, or $80 dollars in Credit available and 500 points remaining in account balance.


PP Points are earned based upon a member’s year-to-date eligible spend. For example, if you spend $200 on your first purchase at David’s you will earn 3 Points per dollar spent on regular price merchandise. If you spend $150 on your second purchase at David’s you will earn 3 Points per dollar spent on regular price merchandise.  If a single purchase qualifies you to move up one or more tier, Points earned will be awarded based on the final tier the total purchase reaches.  For example, if you spend $400 on your first purchase at David’s, you will earn, 3 Points per dollar on regular price merchandise. If on your second purchase, you spend $500, you will earn 4 Points per dollar on regular price merchandise for the full transaction amount of.


Individuals who were members of the PP prior to 1st September 2018 will be notified in writing and/or by email to activate their transitioned PP membership and confirm acceptance of these Terms & Conditions online at


PP members can review the accumulation of Points and redemption of Credits, including information on Points earned, Points converted, Credits redeemable, etc., on their account at, once their membership has been activated online. Points earned and Credits redeemable will be available at the store Service Desk or upon payment for a purchase at


By activating the transitioned PP, and agreeing to these Terms & Conditions, you consent to the collection and use of your personal information for purposes of the program in accordance with our Privacy Policy at


PP specifically reserves the right to terminate the PP for any reason upon 60 days’ notice following which you will have 90 days to use your accumulated Credits; David’s will have no further liability in respect of any Credits unused after that time. We may change these PP Terms & Conditions, or the PP, at any time and in any way and will post notice of such changes on our website. We will give you notice by email of any material change of these Terms & Conditions or the features of the PP. Your continued participation in the PP following any changes in the program or these Terms & Conditions signifies your acceptance of such changes.


In particular, you acknowledge and accept as a Condition of PP membership that:

1.       PP Points have no cash value whatsoever and cannot under any circumstances form the basis of a monetary claim against David’s.

2.       The PP card, either physical or digital, must be present to redeem Credits. 

3.       Upon presenting/entering a valid PP card (physical or digital) while making a purchase, the Points will be credited to the PP account of the member. These Points will be available to be used as part of the redemption criteria, within 24 hours. Any Points reversals on returns, price adjustments, order cancellations and other adjustments will be associated with the transaction record and reversed at the earn rate of the transaction, all within 24 hours.

4.       A minimum of $50 in Credits is required for redemption. Additional Credits will be posted to your account in increments of $10. All sale items will accrue at sale price rates. And all regular priced items will accrue at regular price rates.

5.       PP membership is limited to natural persons, and no corporation, trust, partnership or other entity may hold membership in the PP except as may be authorized by David’s at its sole discretion.

6.       Points cannot be earned on the Points-based credit portion of a purchase. Points are earned upon payment using a gift card.

7.       Points are not awarded on taxes paid, or for tailoring/alteration charges, gift cards, freight/shipping/delivery, returns, price adjustments, order cancellations, refunds or exchanges for merchandise of the same value, instore credits and are net of customer service adjustments.

8.       When a transaction occurs that changes a member’s tier, the rate of earning on the transaction will be calculated at the rate of the corresponding tier at the end of the transaction.

9.       PP Points and/or any other benefits are personal to the member and cannot be exchanged for cash, assigned, traded, willed or otherwise transferred (other than with the consent of David’s and in accordance with these Terms & Conditions), and any assignment or transfer in violation of these rules will be void and may, at the discretion of David’s, result in the loss of membership or the cancellation of affected Points.

10.   Notwithstanding any of the above, David’s may, from time to time, in its sole discretion, allow members to:

a.       Transfer Points to another account

b.      Transfer Points after death

11.   It is the responsibility of the member to keep their PP membership information current: email, telephone number and mailing address. David’s shall not be liable for misdirected or delayed communications such as mail or email, or any consequences thereof.  

12.   PP members are responsible for keeping up to date on the PP, the Points in their account, and their Points earned and Credits used by consulting David’s shall not be liable for the member’s failure to do so.

13.   From time to time, we may send selected members personalized offers or exclusive offers.

14.   Members can withdraw consent to receive marketing material at any time, by updating their communication preferences profile at, by unsubscribing from any email or by contacting the Customer Service Team.  By unsubscribing from PP email communications the PP member will not receive updates from DFL on the PP, the Points in their account, their Points earned, and Credits used and will not be able to redeem their earned Credits. Members will be able to view their Points accumulated and Credits used at their online account at

15.   Members are responsible for any taxes or other governmental charges with respect to Points earned or Credits used.

16.   David’s may refuse Points or Credits redemptions, reverse Points or Credits redemptions already claimed, or deduct Points from a member’s account where the redemption is based on an error in the Points required for the redemption or an error in the amount of Points credited to an account.

17.   All PP Points credited to a PP member expire if the member has not earned any Points or used any Credits for a period of 24 consecutive months. Points and Credits expire without any notice from David’s.

18.   Your account information may only be given to you or a person authorized by you, unless otherwise authorized or required by law.

19.   Members must immediately notify David’s if their PP card is lost or stolen. Once David’s is notified, it will cancel the ID# associated with the account and a new account number and card or digital card will be provided to the member. Member ID verification will be required.

20.   Proper legal documentation may be required from all members requesting a name change.

21.   PP membership terminates upon the death or personal bankruptcy of the member.

22.   The PP shall be governed by the laws of the Province of Ontario and the laws of Canada applicable therein and all members attorn to the jurisdiction of the courts of Ontario.

23.   The PP card or digital card is not a credit card.

24.   Only one PP membership is available per customer. David’s will, from time to time merge customer files that have all or some matching information (name, telephone, email or mailing address) or at the request of the customer, so that customers receive maximum benefit from Points collection. David’s will make every effort to contact the customer in the event of a question regarding the merging files.

25.   If David’s determines that a member has abused any of the PP’s privileges, fails to comply with any of these terms and conditions, or makes any misrepresentation to David’s, David’s, may, in its sole discretion, take such actions as it deems appropriate, including without limitation, suspending such member’s privileges under the PP, revoking any or all of the Points in such member’s account with or without advance notice to the member and without liability to David’s.

26.   Any waiver of strict compliance with these Terms & Conditions shall not be deemed a waiver of any other non-compliance, whether preceding or subsequent.  If any provision of these Terms & Conditions is determined by a court of competent jurisdiction to be invalid, illegal or unenforceable, that provision will be severed from these Terms & Conditions and the remaining provisions will continue in full force and effect.

27.   PP membership and benefits are not available to David’s Associates or the immediate family of David’s Associates.