Church's Men

Founded in 1873 by Thomas Church and his three sons, Church’s footwear represents the pinnacle of quality shoe design and craftsmanship. It takes up to eight weeks to produce a pair of Church’s shoes, each undergoing over 250 detailed manual operations before it leaves the factory. 100% of Church’s men’s welted shoes are manufactured in Northampton. The Goodyear construction, that has given English footwear its worldwide fame, has proved to be both complex and reliable. With over a century of shoemaking behind them, from high-shine brogues to supple travel slippers, Church’s Footwear continues to be a brand providing timeless quality and enduring style.


Please go up a full size to convert to North American sizing. (Ex: UK size 7 = NA size 8). Our Church's Mens collection come in F width. 

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